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JYC (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD. is a well-known mixed distributor of electronic components, and is also a spot supplier of many famous international semiconductor manufacturers in China. The company specializing in the distribution of ADI, TI, REALTEK, ST, ALTERA, MAX.


JYC (Shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD. was established in Shenzhen


1 millionth Apollo chip sold into wearables, smart homes, and other endpoint applications


Apollo2 MCU launches and is the first SPOT product to run neural networks for Endpoint AI


TensorFlow Lite Micro is made broadly available on Apollo3, and JYC establishes itself as the leader in wearables and other battery-powered applications


100 millionth SPOT-based product sold and JYC’s Apollo4 is launched along with a new Endpoint AI SoC and solution


JYC wins IoT Semiconductor Company of the Year, AI Excellence, and BIG Innovation Awards, and enables intelligent voice-command to battery-powered endpoint devices

Based in Shenzhen, our leadership and management teams consist of advocates, builders, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, explorers, incubators, inventors, pioneers, protectors, thinkers, and visionaries. With a diverse spectrum of experiences and skillset, we came together and united with one goal to enable the true Internet of Things where the battery-powered endpoint devices can truly be connected intuitively and intelligently 24/7.

We position ourselves as an innovative company with an environment and culture where employees are encouraged to bring in new ideas, challenge the cliché, be empowered to break new pround, be creative, and to be themselves. We take workplace equality seriously and wholeheartedly. We embrace people from different cultures and ethinicity, and have a gender pay equity policy.

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