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Application in the lighting industry, The lighting types can be divided into: normal lighting, emergency lighting, duty lighting, guard lighting and obstacle lighting.
Medical treatment
Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, appliances, materials or other items used on the human body alone or in combination, including the required software.
Commonly used wired communication equipment includes: computers, televisions, telephones, PCMs, optical transceivers, servers, etc. Computer is a modern electronic machine.
A device that can project images or videos onto the screen. It can be connected to computers, VCDs, DVDs, BDs, game consoles, DVs, etc. through different interfaces to play corresponding video signals.
Dash board
The trip on the dashboard of the car represents the subtotal mileage, which can be used to record the number of kilometers each trip.
Tablet Computer
Tablet Personal Computer It is as small and light as a laptop is a small, portable personal computer with a touch screen as the basic input device.
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